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Chiropractor in  Lansdale, PA


Perry Family Chiropractic, Lansdale Chiropractor
Perry Family Chiropractic, Lansdale Chiropractor

Specificity That Will Get You Out Of Pain!

Learn for Yourself How Gonstead Chiropractic Adjustments Are The Best Of The Best!

Gonstead Technique

Our doctors are trained specifically in the Gonstead System of Chiropractic so you can ensure you are receiving a precise adjustment every time you step foot into the office. Their hands will amaze you. In fact, they have to put them on ice every night and need days off in between because they get so hot!


The Gonstead Difference

During treatment, Gonstead chiropractors avoid twisting of the spine. Instead, these highly trained

doctors use precise movements to adjust specific vertebrae.


The Gonstead Analysis

To find out exactly where to adjust you, Gonstead chiropractors use five important criteria:

1. Instrumentation: The Nervoscope detects heat along the spine which is consistent with

inflammation and pressure on nerves. The instrument has two probes and gently glides down

each side of the spine during the examination.

2. Static Palpation: When nerves are compressed and spinal joints malfunction they can produce

swelling (edema) in that area as well as tightness in the muscles. We will feel for these areas on

your back and neck using the finger tips while you sit in a stationary position.

3. Motion Palpation: When spinal segments malfunction, they can “lock up” or become too loose. By gently moving the spine in different ways, we can feel which segments move improperly.

                                         4. Visualization: We look for abnormalities in posture and gait that are uneven. This is important when                                                   taking into account all other criteria and making important decisions about your care.

                                         5. X-ray Analysis (except during pregnancy): The prior four analysis criteria allows us to find which spinal                                             segment(s) are malfunctioning and the exact location of where nerve pressure exists. Spinal x-rays allow for                                           a “blue print” of your spine which is important in determining specifically how the spinal segments involved                                             are to be adjusted. X-Rays are also helpful in determining fracture, postural distortions, arthritic conditions,                                             etc.

Perry Family Chiropractic, Lansdale Chiropractor

These five criteria allow us to locate your problem down to the individual segment and nerve involved. With this information along with a detailed heath history, we can deliver a precise adjustment in the most mechanically correct way to only the problem segments. In doing so, the goal is to eliminate nerve pressure caused by the effects of the subluxation and allow the body to function optimally. Specialized training is required by Gonstead chiropractors beyond the knowledge gained in chiropractic school. The training consists of hundreds of hours of seminar work study in adjusting technique, analysis as well as specialized case management of a variety of health conditions.

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