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Chiropractor in Lansdale, PA

Offer includes...

✅  New Patient Consultation

✅  Comprehensive Examination

✅  1 Full Set of Digital X-Rays !

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New Patient Special Offer!

ONLY $49
(a $305 Value)

Back pain. Athletic running woman with back injury in sportswear rubbing touching lower ba
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rheumatoid arthritis and repetitive motion injuries,including carpal tunnel syndrome in wo

At Perry Family Chiropractic in Lansdale, PA, we believe that each person should be treated as an individual and that no two conditions are exactly alike.

Chiropractor in Colmar, PA

Chiropractic Clinic in Lansdale, PA


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Perry Chiropractic

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What Are People Saying...

"About 5 years ago, I started experiencing a lot of neck pain from being hunched over a laptop for a few long days on a work assignment. The pain just wouldn’t go away no matter how much I rested or took meds. My best friend suggested that I try her chiropractor but I was very skeptical. I was really worried about someone twisting my neck or cracking my back…..until I learned more. I went for a consultation with Dr. Perry who took an overall health evaluation, X-rays, and explained to me about how the curvature of your spine and neck are really important to your overall health. I was still a little skeptical about the actual adjustment and how it would feel or if I would get hurt. Dr. Perry immediately made me feel comfortable and safe after my first adjustment. I continued with regular chiropractic adjustments as well as curve restoration for my neck. Over time, I realized that regular chiropractic adjustments were helping me feel healthier and I was not getting sick (sinus colds, etc) as often. I just turned 50 and I have never felt better. Dr. Perry has taught me a lot about how beneficial chiropractic care is and I am very confident in his techniques. He always takes enough time to answer questions and discuss any concerns I have."

– Jill L.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Perry’s for over 7 years whether I received treatment for lower back muscle spasms, shoulder pain after car accident, upper back pain etc. Dr. Perry takes the time to explain the pros & cons of your injury and the proper solution for your injury and what you need to do to maintain a healthier lifestyle. He believes in preventative and holistic care. He believes exercise, diet and adjustments are important to maintain a very healthy lifestyle. IT WORKS! He has advised me of a new healthier eating plan to reduce weight and become healthier. I am able to stick with the plan because it’s attainable. The Maximum Living program is realistic and works. Dr. Perry is more than our family chiropractor. He’s our doctor who cares about our health and well-being. Four years ago I lost my hearing. Dr. Perry took the time to show me how I lost my hearing. He is a true professional & I’m glad to say he is my doctor."

– K. A.

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